Resources / The Holy Qur'an

The Qur’an is the true word of Allah and His greatest blessing and gift to Muslims. It is truly a great blessing. This holiest of books, sent by Allah and delivered to the prophet Muhammad by His angel Gabriel, is the final and best of His addresses to humanity, and one protected from any and all sorts of falsification and misrepresentation. It is His word, and the final divine book. It has remained uncorrupted, free of the imprint of the machinations of men, with not a single letter having been changed. For us, this is its strongest testament.

In its pages, we are told of the conditions of those who came before us; we learn their tales and their stories.  We are also told of the future, of the fate of the world and of those who will come after us, and of the hereafter. It makes clear the faults of the various religions, faiths, and peoples of the world, and tells us from Allah’s perspective just what the true and right faith is. In this sense, it is the savior of humankind.