Resources / Seniors of Islam

These genuine scholars are loadstars, counsellors, guides and lanterns that enlighten administrators and folks. They glorified the honour of Islam by revealing and teaching the subtle truths of Islam as well as by protecting Islam from corruption.

Even when the folk submitted to brute force, scholars stood erect and did not give in to bullying. In the time of invasion, disaster, and calamity, they endured oppression and torment. They organized people around themselves, fought for freedom and independence and did epic deeds.

Rabbani scholars are the real carriers of the sublime flag of Islam; they are the spiritual sultans. Among them are Abu Hanifa, Ahmad ibn Hanbal, Imam Rabbani, Sheikh Shamil, who were incarcerated for their efforts in the sake of Islam… and thousands of other famous scholars, spiritual guides, sheikhs, teachers, preachers, disciples…