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The first mufassir of the Qur’an is the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The man who applied the Qur’an in his life best is the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Therefore, we have to get to know the best practitioner and we have to know the words of the greatest mufassir. In this respect, we need to know the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). It is necessary to learn Islamic sciences. Of course, the students of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) were those who learned the best of his knowledge. They were the people who were with him, close to him in his life and trained by him. We call them companions. They are also called ashab or sahb as in the sentence “alihi wa sahbihi”… One of them is called “sahib” or “sahabi”. We have to recognize them, as well. What did they learn from the Prophet (pbuh)? What are their opinions about the origin of religion? This is very important for us.