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The life of no individual in the world has ever been determined with such great detail as the life of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh). The life of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was recorded with such extensive detail, that no other person in the world has ever been privileged until the present. What he did at night, what he did during the day, what he did when he got married; what did he speak about with his wife? How did he eat, how did he wash his hands, how did he enter the toilet, how did he leave the toilet? The life of no other human being has ever been studied in such detail.

This was a privilege granted to the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) alone. Indeed, this is a great blessing for us, because the materials from our religion were transmitted to us from a sound source and by using this excellent method. People who collected this material, ashab-ı hadith, (hadith transmitted by those who were honored to see and speak with the Prophet) are positioned highly among the scholars of Islam. In fact, books such as Sharaf Ashan Al-Hadith were even written about them. These books explaining the greatness of the honor and reward the hadith scholars, who collected hadith, earned were written and published.