About us / Our Foundation

Mahmud Es’ad Cosan Foundation (MEC Foundation) was founded in 2005 by Mr. Muharrem Nureddin Cosan.

Tax exemption was granted by the Council of Ministers to our foundation that carries out activities considered “public services” in accordance with the relevant legal regulations, under the supervision of all the relevant departments of the state.

In the official deed of our foundation, our aims are determined as follows.

  • Contributing to solidarity with friendship, brotherhood, unity and cooperation both between the members of the society and the people of the world; contributing to establishing an environment of love and peace.
  • Producing and educating individuals who are committed to national, spiritual and moral values, initiators who believe in the superiority of law.
  • In accordance with the current legislation; preserving, maintaining and improving national, historical, religious, spiritual and cultural values,
  • Providing moral and material support and assistance to people who are poor and in need or have suffered from natural disasters.
  • Maintaining and improving the Turkish family structure.

Prof. Dr. Mahmud Es'ad COSAN, whose name was given to our foundation, made the last divine message of our Creator the focal point of his life in terms of perfect belief, perfect thought and a perfect lifestyle; he is the true heir of the prophets, great spiritual leaders and thinkers; the leader of science, ideology, and of the hearts who understood, explained and represented the most valuable figures of faith and our history of culture such as Ahmad al Yesevi, Mavlana, Hadji Bektashi Wali, Yunus Emre.

On the other hand, he believed that real life is the life of the Hereafter, recommended this to others, and invited people to Allah and the truth day and night never giving up or losing heart; he pioneered the material and spiritual development of our country, and continues to enlighten the hearts and minds with his scientific, literary and sincere articles and sermons that are still published via various communication channels, and lastly he is high-spirited, action-oriented community leader.

Indeed, when his works such as '' Historical and Sufistic Figures '', '' Yunus Emre and Sufism '', '' Hadji Bektashi Wali '' and also '' Hadji Bektashi Wali and His Maqalat '', and his conferences, articles and poetical works are examined, this fact becomes even clearer.

In this respect, Prof. Dr. Mahmud Es'ad COSAN is our common value that every person of good intent will appreciate, and owes a debt of loyalty and gratitude.

As a foundation, we give great importance to publishing the valuable messages that we have selected and compiled from the collection of Mahmud Es'ad COSAN on our website in widely-used languages.

Our Foundation contributes to education with bachelor, master and doctoral scholarships, and in the scope of social responsibility, conducts activities in this field by providing social assistance to people in need in our country.

Our Foundation, which prepares original projects in various fields, especially in the field of education, continues to produce services and benefits for our country and humanity by reviving historical monuments, designing and constructing buildings of architectural value.