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Kuşadası Speech of Our Founder in 2003

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I will try to keep them short and simple.

– Starting today, make a plan for your personal life. Check it constantly, making changes where necessary, to make sure that your plan is moving your life in the right direction.

– Go out and buy books that will teach you to think analytically and critically. Read them, and apply what you learn from them in your lives.

– Know that your children are your most important investment, and do whatever you can to ensure they are educated in the best fashion possible.

– Become experts on natural foods and healthy eating.

– Look at the nutritional information of the labels of the foods and drinks you buy. Research any additives in them.

– Become experts on civil defense.

– Research ways to establish healthy and ongoing communication with those around you.

– Spend every moment of every day educating and developing yourselves—whether young or old, male or female—and don’t make excuses.

Muharrem Nureddin Coşan

*This was compiled from his speech in Aydın/Kuşadası in 2003

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