About us / Our Foundation

Mahmud Es'ad Coşan Eğitim, Kültür, Dostluk ve Yardımlaşma Vakfı [Mahmud Es’ad Coşan Education, Culture, Friendship and Charity Foundation] was founded by the Esteemed Muharrem Nureddin Coşan.

The foundation was registered on 2 Dec. 2005 with decision 2005/314 of the Uskudar First District Court, rendered 20 Oct. 2005 on the basis of decision 2002/397.

The aims of the foundation are the following:

1. [To promote] mutual assistance with friendship, brotherhood, unity and solidarity both among those individuals making up societies and among the peoples of the world and to contribute to the provision of love and peace,

2. To raise and educate people believing in the rule of law and entrepreneurs bound by national, spiritual and moral values,

3. To protect, keep alive and develop the national, historical, religious, spiritual and cultural values that conform to the applicable legal laws [of the land],

4. To participate in helping and supporting people who are destitute, needy or suffering from natural disasters,

5. And to protect and develop the structure of the Turkish family.