Justice and Morals

Justice, being just is one of the most important moral values. When there is no justice, everything is shaken to its foundation. This is why they say "The foundation of sovereignty is justice!"

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Prof. Dr. M. Es’ad Cosan (Rh.a)

Justice is our beacon of light.  Justice is the foundation of sovereignty. Without justice, societies deteriorate. A criminal would not be punished and the rightful would be deprived of  his rights. Therefore, justice is extremely important. 

A nation may be underdeveloped, imperfect, primitive, it may be simple, may be behind with the times; but if it  is just it will correct all of these in a short time. Just  like a shepherd’s hardworking son becomes an atomic scholar, it can develop later. 

Justice, being just is one of the most important moral values. When there is no justice, everything is shaken to its foundation. This is why they say "The foundation of sovereignty is justice!"  

No building is built on mud. No building is built on ground without a foundation, on unsound soil, in a landslide zone. Therefore, when there is no justice everything is lost. Trade is lost, family life is lost, earnings become haram, human relations between people, relations between brothers are severed, everything is ruined. Therefore, justice is very important. We must speak the truth, we  must rule with justice. 

As you know, in the Holy Quran; “Walaw ala anfusiqum awi  alwalidayni wal aqrabin," “…be persistently standing firm in justice, witnesses for Allah, even if it be against yourselves or parents-although a person loves his parents dearly and will do anything for them- and relatives.” If we look at our environment and societies today, and if there is justice that is great! But if justice has disappeared, if there is no justice, if all kinds of unjust, unlawful, indecent actions are being carried out, then this is totally unacceptable!  First, we need to ensure justice. 

I've been thinking for ages, why do people give value to justice, why do they want justice? Is this a form of mutual bargaining? 

If a person does not violate my rights I will not violate his rights... I do not want anyone to violate my rights. That's why I won't violate the  rights of others. If I do, they will violate my rights.  As a result, my rights would have been breached.

This is a materialistic, worldly logic. This may be the case, this is how it may be envisioned, however, Islam does not envision it that way. Islam commands justice as a requirement of faith. It commands honesty,  being truthful and just, even if it is against yourselves, your parents and relatives . It prescribes being just and truthful to gain Allah's pleasure. This is more favorable, more beneficial. In which case  we must strengthen our faith.

I believe judges should have strong faith and sense of responsibility! They should know that they will be judged in the great court of hereafter, they should believe this and act accordingly. When people don't believe, when they find the chance they commit sin a place and manner that they think no one will notice or understand. But a person who believes  in the hereafter will not commit a sin even when he is alone. Therefore, everyone should make every effort to strengthen their faith.

I remember, when I was in the army everybody would to try get away without doing their shifts, they would try to put the blame on someone else. I know Muslim brothers who believed "An eye standing guard on the path of Allah will not see the hellfire!" and who would go for their shift with eagerness and enthusiasm as a requirement of their faith.

When you believe, everything becomes pleasant. Military service is pleasant, being on guard is pleasant, judgeship is pleasant, trade is pleasant, family relations are pleasant, social relations are pleasant. If a person does not have faith, if he does not fear Allah… Then we should be afraid of such people; they can do anything! They have dealings with the courts, and with the police. There's plenty of injustice. Islam cleans these from the root. Catching and killing mosquitoes one by one is not enough, these only disappear when the source is dried up.

All of us experience trials in our private lives, and this will continue. Then one day we will all face death  and be put in our graves. We will taste death and pass over to the hereafter. We should take great care in doing everything in accordance with the approval of Allah, and being just and honest always keeping in mind that one day "We will give account for our actions in the Great Court in the hereafter." 

Compiled from a speech by Prof. Dr. M. Es’ad Cosan in 26.06.1998.

Article “Justice and Morals” Prof. Dr. M. Es’ad Cosan (Rh.a)