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Professor M. Es’ad Coşan’s translation of “The Duties of Friendship and Brotherhood in Islam,” a section from Imam Ghazali’s famous Revival of the Religious Sciences, has been published for the first time.

 We believe that the book will fulfill an important service in this day of ours, when the bonds of friendship and brotherhood are so weak.

The late Coşan would always encourage others to read Revival of the Religious Sciences, and would say that “completing the Revival is the equivalent of completing one’s secondary education.”

Coşan began work on a translation of several important Islamic texts, including the Revival, in 1967-1968, long before any translations of the Revival had been published. 

It seems that he felt it best to proceed by translating and publishing the Revival section by section, for he began by translating “The Duties of Friendship and Brotherhood.” After other translations of the Revival began to appear on the market, it appears that he did not pursue the effort any further.

This book has been prepared for those who wish to advance their Arabic or who desire to improve their translation technique, with the translation and the original Arabic printed on opposite pages.

The book is published by Server Yayıncılık, which is also responsible for its meticulous layout.

All efforts toward the publication of this book have been done in remembrance of M. Es’ad Coşan. Allah grant that his tomb shine with light, and that his final resting place be a lofty one.